Steps of Encouragement

Steps of encouragement. Everywhere there are uplifting signs and things around us to brighten our days. Sometimes the smallest endeavor can makes us smile. Yesterday I went for my antibody test and the nurse in her very protective gear, outfit, facemask, helmet, and gloves took my blood draw and then gently placed a Wonder Women band aid on my arm. Here she said; you are a Wonder Women today. Somehow that little band aid made me smile. When I came home I removed the band aid to jump into the shower, as it sat on the counter I could hear her words; you are a Wonder Women today. I picked up the band aid and affixed it to my bathroom mirror. A gentle sign of the day and a sweet encouragement from the most lovely nurse ever. What can you do today to gently touch the life of someone you meet and what uplifting gesture could bring on a smile. I look forward to the superhero in you

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