Happy Mother’s Day

Thru the years I have so many pictures with my Mom. Each photo is special and every moment and memory is precious and priceless in time. My Mom and I have such a remarkable relationship. She is my hero, my idol and my very best friend. We make each other laugh and we support each other thru life’s twists and turns. We are explorers, adventures, playmates and a united team. A mother and daughter team that is unstoppable, unbeatable and fueled with love. This Mother’s Day we celebrated by attending the Stars on Ice Show and our smiles beamed as the skaters danced before our eyes. Mother’s Day brunch with the family and a day filled with fun, joy, excitement and cheer. I looked for a photo to post and this picture has always touched my soul. I’m here inside her, helping my mom become a mother and my two grandmothers are beside her. Three generations on a lovely summer day at the beach and my very first 3 generational photo. I feel so blessed to be in this family and truly, I trust, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my Mom. Wow. What a wonderful life. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy every day with you.60347239_10155999247531822_3880537268724695040_n

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