Very Special Sunday

A very special and unexpected Sunday. I was honored and thrilled to receive a President’s Volunteer Service Award along with a pin, certificate, and a letter from the White House. Thank you to the Royal Society of St. George and to Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell for a glorious and a remarkable day.

A Night to Remember

Another phenomenal night with the OOSJ. Tonight more than ever I was moved, touched and grateful to be part of an organization who has cared so deeply and helped so many lives for over 1000 years. If there was ever a time to do more, care more, give more and love more it was today. It is everyday. I am honored to be part of this tapestry of incredible men and women who dedicate their time, resources, talent, gifts and lives to the service of humanity. I appreciate you all. To all those whose lives have been rocked the past few days I am wrapping you in love.



Ice Cream

I’m writing a post today that includes ice cream in the story. I ask in advance that there’s no commentary on ice cream, the opinions on dairy or sugar or dietary teachings, the subject could be anything, ice cream is just the subject because it’s the way it happened and the way the lesson flowed into my life. Here it goes; the other day I found myself quite randomly next to a Baskin and Robbins, several years back I ghost wrote a book on suicide and depression teaching people about choices we have, when we often feel like there are no choices in front of us. The creator used Baskin and Robbins as an example and their 31 flavors, when most people choose chocolate or vanilla not realizing the tremendous choice that is available to us. Because of the book and it’s teaching I found myself pulled into the shop. There was a jovial man behind the counter who let me know he was filling in today for a friend and how could he help me. I looked at all those flavors, wow! what would I choose knowing I have choice in life, choice in every moment, choice surrounds me. When without even realizing it I ordered a cup of ice cream and the man handed it to me with a flourish and glow. I stuck my spoon into the scoop and I brought the ice cream to my lips. At that moment there was a pause, like a cracking open of the universe, lightening bolts, epiphany’s and all. In that moment I realized I had NEVER bought myself ice cream before. Not ever. Not from the supermarket, not from a fair, not from a corner vendor, I myself had never bought myself ice cream. My parents when I was a child bought me ice cream, my grandparents had bought me ice cream, boyfriends of the past from concerts, to fairs, may have bought me and ice cream but I myself have never bought ice cream for me. I wondered in that moment what small things or what little pleasures I have denied myself thru the years. What have I waited for other to provide for me, that I could not so easily give to myself. Then I thought you and all my friends and family and I wondered what have you denied yourself? A massage? Do you wait for one to be gifted to you? Show tickets? A nice dinner? Good champagne? What have you waited to be gifted or provided for you that you could provide for yourself and feed your soul and nurture yourself? I called my mom and said Mom; I bought myself my very first ice cream today. She said are you kidding. her shock and surprise was profound. I know this was a surprise to me to and quite a lesson in self care, self love and self awareness. I guess you can say, it was a sweet lesson in life. So to that smiling face who handed me this life lesson in a cup, thank you and following thru with the Baskin and Robbins lessons. Every second life is offering you a choice. I choose love everyday. I wonder what will you choose to nurture you todayice-cream-states-ftr

Life in the Fast Lane

I was driving on the freeway and the car in front of me was just cruising. Impatient and racing to a meeting I pulled into the left lane to pass the meandering vehicle. I looked into the car to see who was driving so slowly. An old person perhaps or a visitor from out of town unsure and new to our freeway system. What I saw was a guy so chilled out. He was relaxed, leaning back, totally zen and enjoying the day. When he saw me looking into his vehicle he flashed a big hello and friendly grin that said I recognize you as a spirit and a being on this planet. Hello. In that moment I slowed down. In that moment I wanted to be him. Not racing anywhere. Content, happy, fulfilled, friendly, open, joyfully in the moment and cruising on by. Every person teaches us. Every moment there is a life lesson and a beautiful gift. Today I was lucky to look and to see just joy, and happiness. I slowed down. Put a smile on my face. Appreciated the day and guess what? My meeting was off the charts amazing because I actually showed up as a whole being. I showed up energized and happy and appreciative and present just enjoying the day and the moment. So the next Time a car is just cruising along. Remember to smile




I found myself thumbing thru a prayer book and reading the interpretations and poems. This is something I have done ever since I was a child. I simply love to dive into The More. My eye caught this poem and I read it several times over. The meaning and message swept over my soul. What a beautiful passage. Such depth and meaning that immediately I knew, I’d love to share it with you. Wishing everyone, no matter what your faith, background, or belief true true happiness. May we all have glorious beginnings, a cleansing of the old, the excitement of the new and may your heart forgive others, forgive yourself and may you start each day with family, friends, and community, and with a rich and glorious heart and unlimited love.unnamed (1)

Who Do You Love?

I was having a conversation the other day about my favorite Valentines. It’s amazing the memories that pop into your head, I went right to my second grade class and a boy I liked who made me a special handmade Valentine Card. It was fabulous and still my very favorite card ever. I remember two Valentines spent with friends, one a pajama party and old movies and love stories, and one was attending a ballroom dance competition with elegance and magic, they will live within my heart forever. Two Romantic Valentines, a boyfriend that decorated my house like a rain forest, trees, plants, flowers and wild stuffed animals hovering as far as the eye can see, trinkets, charms and fine jewelry hanging from the branches and a breakfast of tropical delight, passion fruit, Eve’s apples etc….so much fun, another was a house filled with balloons and hearts, roses and more, a smorgasbord for the senses and an overwhelming sense of appreciation, kindness and love. My favorite was when a boyfriend cooked for the very first time. The energy and effort that went into his desire to cook for me, will never be forgotten. Is there a word beyond special? Because it was beyond special for someone to step out of their box and comfort zone to create a special evening and a delectable meal. Simple, eloquent and perfect. Of course memories flood in, dancing on my fathers feet and his beautiful cards. As daughters, our Dad’s will always be our very first Valentines. What was your special memory? Did someone touch your heart and move your soul? It’s an interesting conversation to think about. Just letting you know that I Love You. You, my Friends, my fans, and my Family, you fill me with happiness and you are my every breath of appreciation, gratitude and love. I am wishing you the world always…Nicole