I have a sadness, how rare. I am a happy person living and emanating sunshine, radiance, light, love and magic. When sadness touches my life it is usually thru the world news. Children separated from their parents at immigration lines, school shootings, world hunger, global warming, social injustice, religious persecution, children sold into slavery, all these issues that tug on my heart and tear at my soul. So many issues that make me move, act, take a stand and use my energy, breath, life and resources to make a difference and to heal the world. But this sadness is different, this sadness hit my soul in a different way. This sadness swept over me in an unexpected way and it had me thinking about my life and what I care about, what brings me joy and who I am inside. It seems insignificant yet somehow it made a huge impact on my soul. I learned the other day that Samuel French had closed, for those of you who aren’t in the entertainment industry Samuel French was a theatrical bookstore that provided scripts and resources to industry related artists for over 90 years. It was the last bookstore of its kind in the nation as everyone of its sisters and brothers has been put to rest. The London location will remain open but as far as the US we have said goodbye to the last place to greet a new play and playwright and to say; hello. It seemed silly to sit there and cry when I heard the news, especially with all the world anguish, tragedy, pain and fear yet somehow this seemed important to me and like a part of me had be lost and swept away. I invite you to buy your books from classic stores like Powell’s www.Powells.com instead of from Amazon. There is an art in keeping a classic bookstore alive. To all those employees of Samuel French that have helped me since my childhood, thank you for inspiring a young mind, thank you for your vision, wisdom, insight, direction, artistic sense and passion for the written word. You have sparked a fire under me for years and you have led me on a path as an actress and as a writer that has shaped my life and brought hours and hours of joy to my heart. I am grateful for you all. To all the playwrights and young talent – forge on…art is timeless, ageless and as we are learning cannot be confined in any building or walls but lives in our minds, spirits, souls and in our hearts. #SamuelFrench #PowellsBooks #Playwrights #Actors