Dream outside the wall

During this time that I’ve been alone, I feel like the princess in the ivory castle waiting for the prince to scale the castle wall and to rescue me. As I’ve had this time alone, I’ve found myself singing to myself quite a bit. This song from the Little Princess has been an all time favorite. I remember being in the audience and watching this child all alone trapped in a basement, yet her soul was so huge, and her spirit flew, with ideas and imagination of being free on the outside and living her hopes and dreams. For anyone who wants to soar, today you can soar in your heart, just sing along. P.S. If you are going out into the world to dance under the stars, swing from the trees, or let the wind run thru your hair, remember to stay safe, for yourself, and for others. Let your soul soar but stay safe. You are important and loved!


“Live Out Loud” performed by Jessica DeJong as Sara. Premiere of a new draft of Andrew Lippa’s A Little Princess. Music by Andrew Lippa

“Live Out Loud” performed by Jessica DeJong as Sara. Premiere of a new draft of Andrew Lippa’s A Little Princess. Music by Andrew Lippa Books and Lyrics by B…

Steps of Encouragement

Steps of encouragement. Everywhere there are uplifting signs and things around us to brighten our days. Sometimes the smallest endeavor can makes us smile. Yesterday I went for my antibody test and the nurse in her very protective gear, outfit, facemask, helmet, and gloves took my blood draw and then gently placed a Wonder Women band aid on my arm. Here she said; you are a Wonder Women today. Somehow that little band aid made me smile. When I came home I removed the band aid to jump into the shower, as it sat on the counter I could hear her words; you are a Wonder Women today. I picked up the band aid and affixed it to my bathroom mirror. A gentle sign of the day and a sweet encouragement from the most lovely nurse ever. What can you do today to gently touch the life of someone you meet and what uplifting gesture could bring on a smile. I look forward to the superhero in you

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Happy Father’s Day

I always say I was in front of the parent line. I received the best parents any girl could ever wish for or want. It’s hard to write a brief thank you when in my heart I could write volumes of gratitude for a lifetime of love. My dad is heroic, wise, caring, loving, kind, adventurous, supportive, selfless and truly the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He has dedicated his life to making sure that my brother and I are happy, healthy and safe and he is the best husband I have ever seen. He shows us everyday what true love looks like and he is the example we all wish to follow. I have felt blessed everyday to call this remarkable man my dad. Today and always I appreciate you. Happy Fathers Day. Happy Everyday is my life with you as my dad. I love you. Your biggest fan forever.


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Cinemagic! This year marks the 30th anniversary of Cinemagic who over these years have engaged with almost 1 million young people through film, television and the creative industries. The themes of the films Cinemagic produces are about accepting and understanding difference and encouraging tolerance and respect. Cinemagic bring young people together in neutral environments and use cultural film as the vehicle to discuss a range of social issues and issues affecting young people from all walks of life. Young people from 18 different schools in Northern Ireland, Boston and Los Angeles have been working together as part of Cinemagic Los Angeles here they have participated in Masterclasses with Sean Barney, Julia Ormond, Maryann Yee, Lance O’Connor, Kevin Huvane, Colin Farrell, Ross King, Ryan Rowe, Fox Studios, Sony, Warner Bros, Celebration at the British Consulate, CAA, HBO, Remote Control Studios, LMU. Cinemagic is an award-winning film festival charity, that has been educating and inspiring young people for the last three decades, embracing the magic of film, television, and the creative industries to educate, motivate and inspire young people through film screenings, industry workshops, practical masterclasses, filmmaking projects and outreach activities. Patrons include Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson Saoirse Ronan, Suranne Jones, Paula Malcomson and Julian Fellowes, and many others. Partners include Fox Music, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, PAC TV, Minted Content, Brothers, Sony, Remote Control Studios and the British Consulate.65317044_2452796204758649_8374045075864289280_n

Thrive Global Interview

I love learning about who I am thru the eyes of another. I was recently interviewed for Thrive Global. The questions made me think and to deeply explore who I am. I had to ponder my choices, my obstacles, my foibles, my desires and the passions of my heart. It’s interesting to see it in print. Especially the questions about advice for young people and the forum of healthy living. Thank you thrive for the reflection of my life and thank you everyone for being part of this miraculous journey.



Dexterity and Strength

My clothes were tangled in the washing machine and I had to use all my strength to unsnarl them. Seems so funny when I watch how others use their dexterity and physical strength. Here’s a memory from my trip to Cuba. An enthusiastic acrobatic show that had me on the edge of my seat. Just phenomenal61222298_10156033688936822_8955404178239258624_n


What a great night. A Rose by any other name is still a Rose. A Girls Night and Bachelorette Viewing party was sparked by the question; What is love. Each answer was profound, deep, meaningful, enlightening, rich, inviting, heartfelt and truly inspirational. Laughter, joy, enthusiasm, and excitement filled the house organized by our sister, friend and super host the official and our one and only “Rose” https://youtu.be/fMEP27ULX1E61563971_10156031320586822_3543920491095916544_n.jpg

Happy Mother’s Day

Thru the years I have so many pictures with my Mom. Each photo is special and every moment and memory is precious and priceless in time. My Mom and I have such a remarkable relationship. She is my hero, my idol and my very best friend. We make each other laugh and we support each other thru life’s twists and turns. We are explorers, adventures, playmates and a united team. A mother and daughter team that is unstoppable, unbeatable and fueled with love. This Mother’s Day we celebrated by attending the Stars on Ice Show and our smiles beamed as the skaters danced before our eyes. Mother’s Day brunch with the family and a day filled with fun, joy, excitement and cheer. I looked for a photo to post and this picture has always touched my soul. I’m here inside her, helping my mom become a mother and my two grandmothers are beside her. Three generations on a lovely summer day at the beach and my very first 3 generational photo. I feel so blessed to be in this family and truly, I trust, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my Mom. Wow. What a wonderful life. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy every day with you.60347239_10155999247531822_3880537268724695040_n